Submission Guidelines


Submission Guidelines

Please include the following in your submission:

  • A 150 word outline/proposal of the book or project. Make us as excited about this as you are! What would make people wonder what is inside your book?

  • Tell us why you wrote this book; What motivated you? How did you feel writing the book? How personal and emotional was it for you?

  • Depending on how far in the books writing process (or another creative project) you are in, please consider and send us the following information;
      A marketing/promotion summary from your perspective: Who is the intended audience? What makes your book or project stand-out and unique? How does it compare to existing books of a similar topic or nature? Why do you think it will be a success?

  • If you have images, send copies of some of the photos, drawings or sketches you will use. Please send them along with a list of all the images you intend to use. When we evaluate your project, we need to see all of the things that are available to support it. Originals are not needed at this point. Note: We will verify, and you are responsible for any permissions and licensing fees, and sign an indemnity to this effect. Please research and consider this as you compile your images. For any images you will use, you must ensure you have them (or can get them) in a high resolution of at least 300dpi so they are suitable for printing. DO NOT send original images at this time!

  • Include the draft or completed table of contents, and either the entire manuscript or at least three sample chapters.

  • We would like to know more about you, your background, experience, interests and expertise. If the book is not a fiction, we need to understand your credibility: what qualifies you to write this book / complete this project. Was there a journey you experienced in writing this book / completing this project?

  • Please e-mail your submission to our office. For questions, please use the appropriate e-mail address from our contact page.

  • Please email¬† submissions to: SUBMISSIONS

    (if your file is large, please use a file transfer service such as "Send Big Files")


  • We are sorry, we will not be able to return submission material.

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