Isaak Gudson

Diet to Live, Diet to DieIsaak Gudson has a rich life of experience to share in the written word and on canvas. In addition to being an extraordinarily talented and expressive artist and purveyor of words, he is a lawyer, a pastor, a diviner of the soul, a passionate observer and active participant in life.

Isaac’s journey has not always been easy, thought it has often been filled with joy, sometimes bringing tears of happiness or sorrow, with each experience adding to his creative influences. In his writing, drawing, and painting there is subtle commonality woven through vastly different imagery. Now abstract, now poetry, then a short story or a few; and his occasional cartoon-like characters or backgrounds which may or may not be combined with all of the above.

Gudson’s life started in the USSR, where he was educated and started the exploration of his creative side. Later, he moved to Sweden with his wife and children, a country he is extremely proud to call home.

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Isaak's first book,Artful Babbling (working title) is expected to be released in late 2013. Learn more about the book: Artful Babbling

FRP is also managing and hosting an art exhibition for Isaak in early 2013. Learn more HERE