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At Flying Rock Publishing we believe in thinking outside the box, bringing sometimes frivolous, sometimes serious, and always unexpected topic matter and writing style from our authors. Have a look at our books and read outside the box.

Flying Rock Publishing is thrilled to provide readers the opportunity to own limited edition autographed and numbered first editions. Every signed book can be dedicated if desired, and comes with a letter of authenticity. These special books will be a unique and treasured gift for years to come.

picture Diet to Live, Diet to Die

In a fun narration, with a dry sense of humor, the novel depicts Rodef’s meetings with Zakhariy through unexpectedly moving in truth telling duel-like dialogues.
It is charming, enlightening and enjoyable reading.

By: Rodef Vokli

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picture NW Recipes

The title is a bit of a misnomer. This is a companion book to Diet to Live - Diet to Die. When you read Diet to Live, you will see references to the author Amrisha, her recipes, and her views about baring ones soul using food as a metaphor for nakedness.

By: Amrisha Sparrow

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picture Artful Babbling

From Russia to Sweden with Love: A collection of short stores that weave a charming tale of growing up in the USSR leading to expressive freedom in Sweden.

By: Isaak Gudson

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picture Do You Love Me?

A lovely book for children and parents of all ages. The story line is casual and humorous as children challenge their parent about when and how they are loved.

By: Debi Vance

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