About Us

About Us

Come Play With Us

Flying Rock Publishing is a new-comer with an uncommon credo.

Remember when you were young, hanging out or playing with your friends, learning from each other, supporting each other, and growing together? Sometimes you need a friend who will just listen to you and help you to express who you truly are. A friend who will help you to relive the events in your life that your ego won’t let you touch, because it is too painful to go there. A friend who will accompany you through the pain. And in the process, together, you may unexpectedly come up with a beautiful outcome in a form of a book or another shape of creative art.

As children we were constantly dreaming, we were lighter than air. As we grew older, we hardened and became as heavy as a rock. At Flying Rock Publishing we’ll help you to remember your dreams. Together we’ll make the rock fly again!

We work together, closely, to share in and support each other through the writing and publishing experience. Imagine Flying Rock Publishing as a playground for authors; great things come from having fun with our contemporaries.

At Flying Rock Publishing, while at play, we allow ourselves to create freely, eliciting from our authors sometimes frivolous, sometimes serious, and always unexpected subject matter in writing and painting.

Take a look at some of the projects we’ve started, and it may just inspire you to join us at play.